2016Q1: Tracking Strategic Goal Objectives

Hi All,

In preparation for the end of Q1 we are collecting updates from each strategic goal lead / teams on objectives for the OpenMRS Community Strategic Goals. By filling out this spreadsheet we will be able to track where we are on our goals /objectives and what we need to focus on in the next quarter. Please take a look at this spreadsheet and get the status column filled out by March 31 for tasks you are working on or plan to work on.

Currently the spreadsheet is sorted by goal / objective number so you can easily find goals associated to your team. We are looking for updates to be posted in columns “D” & “H” (marked yellow). Below is a key for how to mark the status of an objective, the key is also noted in the spreadsheet column when you hover over row one. There is also a column for notes about an objectives current status. For instance if there is an issue or blocker you can enter details into the notes column or if you need assistance from someone you could not it here.

Status Key: Not Started In Progress (on track) Progress w/ Issue (potential slip) Blocker/Contingency (add note) Done

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Reminder to each strategic goal lead / team that we are asking for you to fill out the linked spreadsheet above in relation to the tasks for your different objectives by March 31. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

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