yum command stopped working on CentOS 6.*

Started seeing the above error when we are trying to install any package on CentOS 6.* Instance. This doesn’t let you install any rpm using yum command and installing a rpm using ‘rpm -Uvh’ command is not straight forward.

We also see the “kernel too old issue” while trying to bring up the Bahmni-mart metabase docker container. To resolve the issue as mentioned in the below thread, we need yum to be working.


When we google the issue, we got to know that November 2020 was the End of the life for CentOS 6. If this is the case, how are the existing implementations continue to support on Bahmni 0.91. Requesting Community members to share their inputs/workaround if they have faced the above issue already.

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Best would be to migrate to 7.x with 0.92 or upcoming 0.93. There is no automated upgrade available for CentOS to migrate to 7.x. There are unofficial steps here and here