You decide on the #OMRS18 Banner!

Hello Everyone!

We have three OMRS18 banner designs and wanted to present them to be voted on!

Letting the community to decide now!

Choose which banner you prefer for the #OMRS18 meeting: pick one.


haha i just love the lion in the background in version 2,to me version 2 looks better!!

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Ha ha ha, I don’t know what it is with that lion but it’s also getting my attention and am biased towards the 2nd banner.


It shows that you are entering a country of lions …Ha ha… @cromwel has the openmrs logo changed…The one above seems to mimick Firefox Logo ?

Sorry for offering some comments… but agree that the OpenMRS logo needs to be standard. My comment on version 1 is that the logos appear off the actually banner and will be missed. If the background could be extended and the border, then it would be more cohesive.

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This logo that looks like the OpeMRS logo has been spun was adopted years ago as a logo for the meetings.

I agree that the standard OpenMRS logo should be used to identify OpenMRS and the meeting logo for the meeting - i.e., put the meeting logo in front of KENYA18 and then use the standard OpenMRS logo where the OpenMRS brand is used.


@cromwel, someone from @ugandaemr community has shared the logo below. What does the community think about it?

Thank you @aussek for sharing!



It’s always a pleasure contributing to the OpenMRS community!

Hello everyone,

Thankyou @aussek & @jmpango . We love shared ideas. Could you kindly help us do the same design with these specific measurements:- large - 1920x640 pixel and small - 1920 x 430 pixel.

Thanks @burke , now we understand the difference. We’ll take that into consideration as we do the final banner.

Thankyou for the feedback @tendomart & @akanter . That can be rectified on the final banner.

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@burke thanks for the info

Thank you all for the feedback, it’s all being put into the next design! which will be uploaded shortly for further review and remarks. @burke @cromwel @tendomart @akanter @jmpango


You may have to reopen the voting if you change the choices :slight_smile: !


#OMRS18 - Large: 1920 x 640 pixel

#OMRS18 - Small: 1920 x 430 pixel




@aussek’s latest submission is the first to use the OpenMRS logos (meeting & brand) correctly. Is this the final banner? Or are you planning to revise any of the earlier banners to use logos properly and have the community select between them?

Please let us know when the banner has been finalized and we will begin using them!

I like this design as well. @aussek @cromwel

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I’ve edited the banners and implemented the necessary correction.

Lets vote on the new poll above one more time.

Thanks for your insights @herbert24 @wyclif @tendomart @akanter @jmpango @aussek @kmurumba @burke we should have a final banner before end of week.

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Thank you everyone who helped with picking out a design for the #omrs18 meeting.


This final design, will be used throughout the conference.

Thank you very much @aussek for your creativity.


it’s always a pleasure serving the community, thanks to all that submitted their designs and the community for voting, wish everyone a fruitful meeting. #OMRS18