xubuntu / lubuntu - openMRS possible?

Hi all, a friend (of the dev team of lubuntu) told about the low-resource systems.

May I ask, did you try to use OpenMRS (as server) on it? Hm, or do you think that is possible (or not possible)?

Thank you very much!

At OSCON this year, I used my laptop to demo the Reference Application – my laptop is…pretty bad. It worked fine…granted I have 16GB of RAM, but the processor isn’t great.

So yes, it should work.

@r0bby: thank you very much for sharing. That is a good option may I think, keeps costs of the hardware down. :wink: hmhm well 16 GB of RAM however sound pretty fast … thank you! We will try it.

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16GB of RAM doesn’t is sufficient dude – for a laptop, not server. the “fastness” applies to the processor, which in my case isn’t that great.

@r0bby thank you for sharing, i see