xforms XformsUtil.reportDataUploadError(625)

Im getting this error when I click on Refresh to add new widgets to my xform patient registration form:


What could be the issue? cc @dkayiwa

Can you create a ticket for it?

I’ve created an issue: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/XFRM-210 Please let me know incase it’s not clear.


I attached a fixed version of the module on the ticket.

Thanks for the prompt response. I’ll test and get back to you.

@dkayiwa the refresh is working ok. Just one more issue/question. Im trying to create Validation Logic to check if the Encounter Date time is in the future. When I set the condition to “Value is less than or equal to today()” and then save and refresh the condition disappears. What could be the problem?

If you save but not refresh, does it still disappear?

Nope if I save and not refresh it doesnt disappear.


Are you able to reproduce it here modules-refapp.openmrs.org? Username: admin Password: sup3rS3cr3tPassw0rd

I get this error when I click on Xforms -> Patient XForm Design from that url:

@whiscard that was a bug in the legacyui module which i have fixed with https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/LUI-124 So can you try again?

Sure thing, I’ll try again and get back to you.

@dkayiwa looks like the Patient Xforms Design link is missing from the Advanced Administration screen:

@whiscard that was caused by a bug in our module class loaders. I have just restarted it. Can you try again?

@dkayiwa Im getting a HTTP Status 500 error when I access the url: https://modules-refapp.openmrs.org/openmrs/ The error is something to do with the oralhealth module.

@whiscard can you try again now?

Ok. Will do.

@dkayiwa. When I create an encounter date time form field along with the validation logic, then I save I get this error:

Then I close the Patient xform design page and then open it again, I can see the form field and the validation logic.

The patient registration form does not use the encounter date time field. That one is used for encounter forms.

Interesting, is there any encounter information (location/provider) needed for the patient registration form?