X stream not initialized

Kindly advise on how to deal with the following issue arising after running mvn clean install.

@dkayiwa, @gcliff, @sharif, @jwnasambu

kindly put the full error logs in paste bin

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@gracebish do a git reset --hard upstream master and rebase with git pull --rebase upstream master

Then try to build again with mvn clean install

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The commands have not reacted positively. I even tried to restart my computer but failed to get anywhere. May be i just close the PR and repeat the whole process by cloning afresh.

feel free to try out that

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Hi Grace, just looking at that log, the “XStream not initialized” error is unrelated to why your command is failing. The lines that are relevant to you are the ones that begin with [Fatal Error], and that final line.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to interpret those lines. But that’s where to look.