Wrong Translations in transifex (Hindi)

In the following pictures the words are not translated in Hindi while they are typed in English only.

Need to fix them.ApplicationFrameHost_2018-12-13_18-55-37 ApplicationFrameHost_2018-12-13_18-56-06 ApplicationFrameHost_2018-12-13_18-58-52

There are many more like this.


cc @bisht13

Yeah Aditya has review access hopefully he can help

Hey @aryu124 I’ve seen this and this problem is over many places. I’ve been deleting them slowly and it will take some time to delete all of them. For the moment, kindly ignore them. Thanks :smiley:

It is showing that the Transifex bot reviewed it not sure what exactly is meant by that. Have to look into every module manually.

I believe by reviewing it means checking for any typos and the spellings.