Would you like to be involved in developing an infrastructure strategy for the OpenMRS community?

Would you like to be involved in developing an infrastructure strategy for the OpenMRS community?

While we have some near-term needs & goals for improving our infrastructure, we would also benefit from some strategic thinking (where should we leverage hosted services vs. roll our own solutions, are there changes to our community infrastructure we should be targeting/prioritizing, etc.) and @darius pointed out to me he’d like to involved in those discussions, so I’d like to open it up to the community. If you would like to participate in discussions about OpenMRS community infrastructure strategy, please reply here indicating your interest.

Rather than making this thread a long discussion of infrastructure complaints, ideas, & suggestions, please just indicate your interest in joining the conversation and we’ll ensure people who’ve replied here are included on the discussions on strategy that follow.

FYI, some of our near-term tactics

  • @pascal has stepped-up to help lead the infrastructure support efforts
  • We are actively looking for someone with strong system admin experience and the ability to work with the infrastructure team part-time
  • We’re reaching out to system admins who can provide advice & guidance for handling near-term issues
  • We are working with the generous folks at Indiana University to see if we can transition much of our infrastructure from the existing IU XSEDE environment that is being retired onto Jetsteam, which is hosted across multiple universities.
  • We welcome volunteers in the community, especially with sysadmin experience, who are willing to assist with Tier 1 support (helping respond to help desk tickets, being “on call” to restarting services, etc.) to join our Telegram group at http://om.rs/infra.

/cc @ryan, @maany, @cintiadr, @pascal


As you know, I’m interested in being part of the conversation.


same here. We can sit down, make a plan, create a schedule etc. I think having a project in Jira and making tickets of what need its a good start. Then we can decide if we need that or not then plan to do the ticket. For example, the Jira issues. We know the problem. We might have a fix. We should plan it out. We have the tools to plan and manage what we need to do.


Yes, definitely interested (and I agree with @chagara).

Interested as well.

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definitely interested!! :slight_smile: Would like to follow the conversations and contribute wherever I can. I might not be able to actively contribute much until November first week due to some big exams/ interviews and final year project commitments.

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I learned an initial meeting to discuss Infrastructure Stategy was set up for next Monday, 19-September, at 7pm UTC (3pm US/Eastern) on uberconference. I know this may be difficult for @raff, @maany, @ryan, and others to attend. If we can get a quorum, great; if not, then we will use the time to begin brainstorming and bring output/notes back to Talk. If you can join Monday’s meeting, please do.

I’ve started some shared notes in case anyone has time to start brainstorming prior to Monday or won’t be able to make Monday’s meeting and wants to contribute some ideas asynchronously.

@burke can you send a gmail invite around? that we can make sure its on the calendar and its easier for me to make time for it.

See Mon 19-Sep 7pm UTC in your timezone (add to calendar)

wasnt aware of this thank you :slight_smile: