Would we be interested in using JIRA and Confluence hosted by Atlassian?

I’m not particularly sure about the details, but I believe we might be able to use JIRA and Confluence hosted by Atlassian.

Would we be interested on that?

That would mean:

  • less machines to keep updated
  • no crowd or ldap I believe

But also:

  • much less plugins and configurations
  • not sure about performance
  • zero integration with openmrsID
  • some work to migrate active users to new system, and content too!
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Not sure, but seems worth probing deeper?

Thanks, Mark

We experimented with Atlassian OnDemand (replaced by Atlassian Cloud) and found the performance was slow and the configuration wasn’t great, but that was 2+ years ago. I’ve always been very impressed with Atlassian products and expect that they have continued to improve this.

+1 for trying.

I’m not totally opposed, because it would be nice to have some help with hosting and maintenance, but I’ve used the hosted version before and have run into performance and configuration issues.

Do they offer free hosting @cintiadr?

Yes, they do offer https://www.atlassian.com/software/views/open-source-license-request

Bamboo is not a cloud offer anymore (in favour of the new bitbucket CI), but I’d think that probably atlassian would be willing to accept one server licence for bamboo and cloud license for JIRA and Confluence.

About performance, there’s a huge chance it’s still the same, I’m afraid. So it’s always a trade off.

Configuration I believe might have improved (there are now a couple of cloud plugins), but it will not be like if we host it ourselves.

One of the issues is Single-Sign On. One OpenMRS ID accesses all the services. That’s what prevented it would being used in the past. So you’d lose single-sign-on.

OpenMRS Users/Devs would then have to have two accounts and to top it off – Atlassian Crowd isn’t that friendly with regards to bulk operations. That’s one of the features I had @dmytro.trifonov implement this summer in the tool that would basically replace Crowd – at least from a user management POV – we’d still need to use for some operations though.

So this is actually not a good idea and SHOULD NOT be done, and even worse, it won’t work with our setup. This is how ID Dashboard came to exist. One account to rule them all.

It would be a good idea but, the hosted versions has way less features. Like a lot less! and way slower. We have no control of it at all and we will be stuck with a ugly url. It will be like openmrs.atlassian.net. As far I know they havent implemented a lot of stuff that the server version has and they never will. It works great for smaller teams but, the number of users in our community, we would experience terrible performance. Plus most of the add-ons/plug-ins we use are not available on the hosted version.

Is not a terrible idea. Is just that their implementation and features is in the hosted version.

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It’s not even an option for OpenMRS with our setup. Throwing JIRA/Confluence onto their own servers will help our performance issues. Crowd has to remain where it is–since it needs access to OpenLDAP which is not open to the world, but definitely should be upgraded at some point.

It simply won’t work with our setup. You do not get Single-Sign-on. That was why ID dashboard was introduced because you had multiple as for all the services, so it unified them under one account.