World Malaria Day and OpenMRS


As you may have seen, yesterday we sent out an email and some posts on social media about World Malaria Day and how OpenMRS and its community is combatting malaria.

We need your help to spread the word! Please help share our message on Facebook, Twitter, and our website using your preferred communication platform.

Financial support to OpenMRS goes toward 6 major areas: developing the infrastructure needed to enhance and run a sustainable electronic record keeping system; helping the OpenMRS community empower developers to actively support implementing facility around the world; foundational fees required to support our community; training and education for members of the OpenMRS community; meetings relating to OpenMRS development; and scholarships and travel grants to participate in OpenMRS opportunities.

The work and effort you put in to help combat epidemics like Malaria are what make this community so great. We’re so thankful for what you do and we want to succeed in fundraising so we can continue supporting our community to ensure that you all succeed. Your help and support for our community is greatly appreciated!