Working toward an SOP for our help desk


Is the OpenMRS Guides Program active? If so, what is the process for linking new contributors to guides? From what I can see, it doesn’t look like guides are going to to pick up cases. Was someone (e.g., Michael, yourself, or someone else) assigning cases to guides?

With Michael’s departure, we’d like to ensure the process for helping contributors & potential contributors reaching out to the community is getting the attention it deserves.



/cc @r0bby @cintiadr @terry @janflowers @tkhokhar


@burke what initially happen was when some person requested a help or asked for guide Micheal or Nicole sent a initial message with all resources required to setup the openmrs and contribute. Once they get back with questions and clarifications someone from the guide team is going to follow up with that case. :).


Just to re-phrase @burke’s question: The guide program is very active in the sense that @harsha89 is killing himself running a one man show. We’re trying to understand what the workflow is so that we can ease your suffering :slight_smile:


:grinning: an applause to @harsha89 for supporting almost every support request that comes in through the Guide’s program (, i used to look to the queries and answer some of them until when it looked like all were resolved or returning no feedback and @harsha89 was fantastically handling the new requests. i now days find it much easier answering queries that come in through talk here or IRC than signing into

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yes. We (including @burke and @terry) want to help make this easier for @harsha89 and hopefully help other people get involved in the second step–when someone sends something back. Is there any written procedure for what happens after the second response? @harsha89, do you have ideas for how we can help make this easier for y

If anybody wants access, we can add you. @burke and I are the two admins. I have enough on my plate so will not be doing this.

Thanks @harsha89. Please forgive me as I try to understand the current process. For people who express an interest in contributing on the Get Involved contact form, I see we send automated responses during business hours. The first (called “Drip 1”) fires an hour after the contact form is submitted. The second response (“Drip 2”) fires 18 hours later. At that point, the case is marked as resolved. The only rule is see that forwards cases to guides via the help desk is done manually via a macro by members of the Community Management team (currently @pascal and @surangak). But I see cases labeled for the Guide Team that don’t appear to have been manually triaged by @pascal or @surangak, which makes me believe there’s another mechanism (perhaps automated?) for assigning cases to the guide team.

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There is – I can set up rules – I did a few to scratch itches I had with ITSM (IT Service Management) cases – I did not want E-mail bounces and IT Service Monitoring cases to clutter things. Be careful when settings things up @burke.

I haven’t really been following any kind of process :pensive:. I’m happy to help develop/document one though.

thanks for this information. @r0bby, we were interested in seeing if we could figure out what would make sense to set up. For instance, what are the different buckets of asks that come in; what makes x different from the y potential volunteer; can we figure out which ticket does to which group and then document it–so that, after the second drip, if someone come back, we can have a process of what to do.

hope that isn’t confusing! /cc @burke @harsha89 @surangak

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We already separate them out. People need to just handle these cases. Somebody needs to actively triage these cases.

i agree but we need the ‘triage’ protocol ( that is what we are trying to get at; sorry if i am not being clear)

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That is something we can’t automate – it requires a human :slight_smile: We did as much as automation as we can.

i know; that is why we need the ‘process’ defined so that the humans know what is expected of them!