Working on ticket LUI-80


So am trying to make some changes for this ticket, am also running the changes on the RefApp but what’s holding me back is the fact that the code changes am making for it are not reflected as required by issue description on the RefApp

The changes am making are in the directory

So what am not sure of is whether my code changes are effectively right or am not doing the right code changes, Really holding me back especially trying to remove one of the password fields in the /openmrs/options.form for the ReffApp. I am successful in adding the error message though.

@dkayiwa @herbert24 @mozzy

Can you raise a pull request for the code changes that you are making and then we review to evaluate of they should have any effects?

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@odorajonathan .thanks for the work your doing. to add on what @dkayiwa has said, whenever a ticket requires a UI change, you always must be able to see the UI change locally . that is if you made the right code changes

but also , if you’re required to make some UI changes , i would expect you to have certain changes in some jsp file, some how some where on top of having a change in the controller class

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@mozzy Thanks for the heads up, let me update the PR so that I can easily get to know which jsp files need a change as well in addition

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