Workflow-Based Testing for the Reference application.

Hello everyone:

The QA support team has been working on adding automation tests and also resurrecting previous automated tests to increase the test coverage in our releases. Those who have had a look at the existing tests may have noted that the tests are granular like adding an appointment, deleting an appointment, adding a service type e.t.c. While this is very useful in ensuring that the system is thoroughly tested from a technical point of view, most of our implementers/community members may not have a clear understanding of what is working and not working on a high level. With this in mind, the QA support team would like to adopt workflow-based testing.

Workflow-based testing involves writing test cases that mimic the user experience in a live environment. In developing these tests, there are 3 approaches envisioned. We would like to hear from you as an Implementer/ community member on what approach would help you understand and confidently support that the OpenMRS Reference application has been well tested and ready for use.

Additionally, here is a link to a document where we have listed some of the most common workflows based on various user roles.

Below are three approaches and representation of how the test results would be displayed on a dashboard:

Big-Workflow Based

  • Outpatient Clinic Workflow
  • Inpatient Ward Workflow

Persona Based

  • Registration Clerk
  • Triage Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Data Clerk
  • Admin

Goal Based

  • Search & Registration
  • Vitals & Triaging
  • Clinical Visit
  • Report Generation
  • User Creation

  • Big-Workflow Based
  • Persona Based
  • Goal Based

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thanks @christine linking up with you soon to discuss more on testing the next release of reff app cc @k.joseph

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@christine I would recommend using User Story based approach which basically combines the Personas with Goals e.g., below

As a triage nurse I would like to capture the vitals for the patient which would involve

  • Patient Registration
  • Checkin
  • Capture of Vitals

The above workflow can be repeated for a data clerk since the have different permissions and see different things, that way you get to test overlaps etc

IMO the big-workflow is bound to fail, as nobody will use the EMR that way


Thanks @christine for the post. I would Like to vote but i request that you kindly share with us the Test case objectives to make it easy for me to understand the best test strategy to follow. Is this for Unit testing, Integration testing, system testing or acceptance testing? Sharing with us the test objectives, the test case description and the expected results will give us a great picture instead of voting politically.

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