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Hello World!
Have navigated through issues on QA FrameWork Dashboard and found out that the available ones are all assigned to some folks and at the same time they give a provision of assignment “Assign to me”, If some one else assigns on the same issue being worked upon, could this not imply duplicating work?

Most tickets have a status of 'IN BACKLOG", What does this imply; Are they ready for work? OR They are still under evaluation

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Sure most tickets are in backlog which i think we will make them ready for work soon cc @k.joseph , i would advise you to go ahead and carry out some testing for those tickets labelled waiting For test to give you an overview of testing either automation tests or selenium testing thanks


@kdaud can you share the exact link to the dashboard that you are looking at?

Here is the link

@kdaud you may also find these terms important when it comes Project Management

Thanks @tendomart for the resource

@kdaud did you want to take up RATEST-68? I have made it ready for development.


Thanks @dkayiwa

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@kdaud - great find with that JQL search query, well done!!

We have just finished setting up our new QA Support Team board for community members to look at, to see what issues are looking for QA support. Here it is:

It’s similar to the search criteria you searched, but it will include tickets from any project in our community that needs QA support, not just RefApp (so long as those issues are given the component label “Quality Assurance (QA)”). Please bookmark this board, and also, please feel very very welcome to join our team on our weekly QA team calls. :slight_smile:

What you did here re. asking for help a ready-for-work ticket and reaching out to our Community Development Lead @dkayiwa and our QA Engineering Lead @k.joseph was perfect, well done.


Thanks @grace for your recommendations

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