Work On Project

When I am going to git repo of the Project I find the codebases or files, some of them are like I don’t know much about it, but when I am trying to run the Project Files on My Laptop it takes lot of time and extensions. What Should I do?

@rishabhdixit1 could you share the url to the repository?

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Oh sorry @rishabhdixit1! after identifying the openmrs project you want to contribute to,

  • Search for the project repository on this link OpenMRS · GitHub.
  • Fork the project
  • clone the project on a specific directory on your local machine
  • Import the project to your IDE e.g. eclipse, VScode, Intellij e.t.c

Note: Ensure you select exist maven project.

Kindly just incase you followed the steps above where are you blocked?

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Thanks for replying