Wordpress extra instances


I’d like to stop using MediaTemple for our website, as it’s a paid service.

But we do have the following other websites there:

Do we want to keep any of them? If so, should I create a ‘staging’ wordpress?

cc @burke, @paul and @jeffneiman

AFAIK, blogs.OpenMRS is not used and hasn’t been for years. That can go.

Next.OpenMRS was what I worked on last year and has been kind of stalled… However, we’re not using it.

Although I’d like to be.

Do you want me to create a folder in S3 where you can create and store wordpress backups? So you could export whatever you want to keep from both next and beta, and we could power them off and use them later whenever we are ready :slight_smile:

I do plan on stopping those instances at the end of the month, on the 31st March, so we don’t have to pay for another month.

Let me know if you need S3 access to upload backups.

Please let me know if there’s anything that I should do before powering them off!!

@burke and @jeffneiman

Please keep Next.openmrs live; we’re looking at upgrading our website and it would be helpful to look at what weve already done in order for us to figure out what it is we want a new site to do. The rest can be turned off. Unless Burke says otherwise…


next.openmrs.org is payed until september. After that, we’d have to pay for a whole new year. We didn’t upgrade the credit card details as well, so it would probably stop working anyway.

I created :

to create a staging environment for wordpress in Jetstream. It should be done much earlier than the deadline.