Women in Tech and openmrs

Hello community, am interested in this and since I don’t have a project, I thought of applying with this kindly, I need your guidance and also know its priority in openmrs.
cc @dkayiwa, @ball, @jennifer, @janflowers, @burke, @k.joseph and @ssmusoke


Just for everyone’s edification, here’s the direct link:

I think this is a great opportunity!

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Juliet, I think it’s great that you are interested in this opportunity! Would it make sense to discuss the project you’ve identified in an upcoming Design Forum to help answer your question about priority and give you a chance to ask questions about the project? Looping in @c.antwi.

I’ve been reading through the scholarship FAQs. Do you know what batch you’d like to target?

Yes, I will be grateful for the opportunity. I need your help and advice. Thanks a bunch

@jwnasambu did you understand the question that @jennifer asked you?

Yes I did. I stand to be corrected if I didn’t express myself well. I said yes to the question of attending the upcoming design forum to get answers from the community concerning the priority of this project and how to go about it. Concerning the batch am targeting the one of spring 2, 2019 (April 1, - June 27th)

Have you also read a couple more links on their site for other requirements and a few more details? More so the FAQs one.

Hey @jwnasambu Would you like to do a brief uberconference to discuss the opportunity further ?

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Yes at what time? am sorry i was caught up with some tasks and i forgot a bout it

I have gone through FAQ several time to certain I have understood everything.

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@dkayiwa, @c.antwi and @jennifer just to let you know we (I and Irene) submitted our application today targeting the spring 2 batch which starts in April we are waiting for a feedback which will be in 3 weeks time.


@jwnasambu and @irenyak1, we wish you good luck!!

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