Women Fellowship

Hello ladies/women in the room! I come across this fellowship opportunity and I thought it could benefit someone in this community in terms of gaining more experience as you continue contributing positively towards openmrs community objectives/goal. Kindly follow this link to apply just incase you are interested Tech4Dev on LinkedIn: #womentechsters #womentechstersfellowship #wtfc24 #girlsinict… .
@reginahnakinobe, @janeolus, @janie, @janet2015 e.t.c.

Besides, those still at campus (all gender) you can grab an opportunity to build more skills in DevOps as you continue contributing positively to this community(You can check for remote options) 496 Devops Internship jobs in United States (203 new)

cc @devnull, @dev1 @dev2


Thank you for sharing jwnasambu. I missed to see deadline communication.