Will OCL import continue through initialiser, when it is interrupted?

When a initializer(Link) is importing OCL concepts into bahmni and suddenly when a server is stoped or exited manually. While again re running the server with or without configuration_checksums being there, will Initializer continue to import the concepts from where it stoped?

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Since this question pertains to the Initialiser module, will also cc: @MekomSolutions

Question: Bahmni team is using the initialiser module for master data setup, and as part of that, we are importing CIEL concepts (zip from OCL) into Bahmni, which takes quite long to run. In-between if the Bahmni/OpenMRS server is re-started, the question is about Initialiser’s behavior for OCL zip import. Does it continue from where it left, or does it need some modifications/reset to continue with the import correctly?

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Initializer just delegates to functionality in the OCL module, so this is primarily a question about the OCL module rather than Initializer itself.

Initializer, by itself, only writes file checksums after the file has been processed, so if the server is restarted while the import is on-going, Iniz will re-start the same import when the server is restarted. The OCL module has no “resume-from” functionality, i.e., it will start re-processing export from the beginning. I haven’t come across a situation where I’ve had to do any table resets to resume an import, but it’s hard to categorically say that it can’t happen. I.e., there shouldn’t be any manual intervention required, but you will have to allow enough time for the full file to be processed.


Thank you.