Will Bahmni move over to Angular v2 any time soon?

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Dear Community, I would like to ask you about the bahmni front-end framework tool used: AngularJS

Right now the Bahmni system is using AngularJS 1.5, but i have seen that the AngularJS version will shift soon to 2.0. my questions are:

Are you also going to update the version of AngularJS in Bahmni? Will you stay at the existing version now which is 1.5? If you stay , will it impact the functioning of the bahmni system now or near future?

I will appreciate your reply, as i would like to reuse the Bahmni system to customize it for a hospital in my country.

We are waiting to see uptake on Angular 2. Google is actively maintaining angular 1.x and there is no indication of an immediate end-of-life for angular 1.x. There are currently a huge number of companies and organizations that have projects running with Angular 1.x, and don’t have the resources to move to v2. Hence, Google is also watching and waiting for people to shift before they announce an end-of-life. We are also keeping an eye on Angular 2 and other js frameworks like react.js.

I don’t think you need to worry about Bahmni update to Angular 2, and most likely for any configuration changes and improvements that you need in Bahmni, you won’t need to code in Angular, but instead make JSON changes to Bahmni config files.

I will encourage you to try out free & open source Bahmni. Its been adopted by quite a few hospitals already. http://www.bahmni.org/implementations/

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It’s interesting to see a reply I wrote in 2016 on this topic. And today again on the same topic, with a more detailed answer (2021)!

I am glad Bahmni team decided to use ReactJS in 2015-16 time period when the Form Designer (Implementer Interface) work started.

Please read full analysis here: Moving Bahmni codebase from AngularJS to React

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