Wiki Updates and Suggestions!

Continuing the discussion for how to keep the Wiki up to date and organized… Brian Kirui (@kirui) has proposed some really awesome ideas! See the document attached here: OpenMRS proposed documentation.docx (159.4 KB)

Brian has a lot of experience leading OpenMRS implementations and working with Developers. Some information regarding Brian’s experience:

Past 3 years involved in health systems successfully running pilot of OpenMRS

  • 2 counties (of 47) in 77 facilities
  • Working with integration of DHIS, but challenged with power and bandwidth
  • Lead implementation and working with developers
  • Ensure its in a accordance with MOH guidelines

I’m really excited to see his passion and enthusiasm for helping out the community and, also, I wanted to open the floor for discussion and to get feedback on his ideas!

Thank you again Brian!

@kirui, can you clarify this section:

For the above links, suggest we involve and implementers in the community to provide FAQ’S so that we can post in this section

Thanks Jeff for sharing this. Thought we could involve more the community - Implementers and developers to shed light on areas that most users face challenges, especially for new users. E.g Upgrading OpenMRS modules, Installing OpenMRS. We can have these issues well documented thus assisting users trying out or Implementing OpenMRS easily find solutions