Wiki Pages Not Accessible

Hallo Community, I do not Know wether you have noticed that I/We cannot access the wiki pages directly either for reading or even editing ,can some one help out.

Every time i try accessing i get the message “You are not permitted to perform this operation.” Some one has suggested private browsing / “incognito” but i don’t think that would be right for new folks on the community,who need access to the wikis much less myself.

FYI @cintiadr ,@raff ,@ssmusoke ,@dkayiwa


I’m not sure what you mean ‘you cannot access the wiki pages directly’.

I mean, I tried in different browsers, different countries in my VPN, incognito mode, and it opened for read every single time. As we haven’t had any other complaints, and the alerting system is reporting it up as well, I don’t understand what you mean.

Can you please tell exactly which page you are trying to access? Or if you are having trouble on the home screen?

About login, new folks don’t have access to login to wiki. It requires a helpdesk ticket, due to the amount of spammers we used to have.

@cintiadr never mind ,it has been cleared.I logged out and logged in again