Wiki long outage - Sunday 19th November

Following up from New Wiki Available for test, @sparshadotel will be migrating wiki to the new infrastructure.

Please make sure you’ve done all the necessary tests in

This is starting now. is up and running now,

We recently got the opportunity to use the new collaborative editing in Confluence. Wow! No more don’t-edit-this-page-because-someone-else-is-already-editing-it headaches. :slight_smile:

Thanks @cintiadr and @sparshadotel for making this happen! :clap: :clap: :clap:


@sparshadotel & @cintiadr,

I noticed there are warnings when I log into the wiki now:


I saw these initially, figured they were just issues coming up during the migration, and when they went away, figured they had been addressed. But, at least of this moment, they are back. I know Confluence has very prescribed settings for default collation in MySQL (and there’s usually good documentation on the steps needed to fix it).

@burke It seems health check has timed out.