Why I can choose provider when adding note to patient file

I was testing OpenMRS 2.2(login as doctor), and when entered in “Visit notes” I was surprised that I can choose provider. Is it right?

I mean ok I could change location, date but Provider NO way.

Provider should be the same as you login-ed

Example: I login as doctor visit note provider Doctor, Login as Nurse provide Nurse. I agree that sysadmin or superuser can choose but not doctor or nurse.

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This is intentional. The idea is that this form supports retrospective entry by a data clerk. (It defaults to the provider account for the currently-logged-in user, I believe.)

I can imagine that you might want an implementation where a typical Doctor user does not have Retrospective Entry privileges, and thus is not allowed to change the provider, whereas someone with that privilege could. But at least in the first pass we just did the most basic thing.