Why does Tomcat crash when adding OpenMRS 2.x modules to Platform 1.11.3?

Platform: 1.11.3 OpenMRS: 2.2

I was new to OpenMrs kindly help me in setup openmrs 2.x . Actually i run the openMRS 1.11.3 war in my local and its creates DB and its working fine. but when i am going to add all modules to appdata at first time server going to down. so kindly suggest me how to over come this issues.

When you say “all modules”, do you mean the modules from the “Download OpenMRS 2.2 Modules & Data” button at http://openmrs.org/download/? Or are you installing modules from a different location?

Can you share your tomcat logs?

Can you also make sure that you are not having memory issues? This page describes how to get around them in tomcat

Thank your response first,Yah yes I downloaded modules from same link. its almost 35 modules. so kindly suggest me any other location to downloaded or provide me any solution for that.

Thanks for your quick response ,Actually i didn’t get any exception or any error. perm gen space issue i got before i resolve that issue. but now server got down when i restart after added all modules if i add few modules some time its not happening.if i added all its getting down. i felt like one or more of the module in 35 makes that to happen .

This is the log file. openmrs.txt (1.0 MB)

That’s the correct location to download add-on modules for OpenMRS 2.2 … so you’ve certainly chosen the right ones.

Yah i know , but still server was crashing when i was add all modules , i wanna know certain reason why?

When i look at the logs you attached, it appears like you attempted several times and the very last ones at the bottom of the file make it appear like you managed to get it running, so i can hardly make sense out of them. Can you clear the logs? And try starting OpenMRS and share the logs before you make any subsequent attempts.

And don’t try to install the modules one by one, you need to add all of them to the module repository at once before starting openmrs.

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