Why does my installation not look like the demo site?

OpenMRS Version: 1.11.4 Build 6ebcaf

Question: I installed “OpenMrs” whose version is mentioned above. But its UI is not like in openmrs demo, its UI is like that in image

I downloaded WAR file from that link “http://sourceforge.net/projects/openmrs/files/releases/OpenMRS_Platform_1.11.4/openmrs.war/download”. Please guide me how can i make it like in demo

Hi @ahmedkhak,

What you downloaded and installed is OpenMRS Platform and I see that you installed it correctly. Great!

Now, What is shown in openmrs demo is OpenMRS Reference Application. OpenMRS Reference Application is a set of modules on the platform. You should be able to download the modules by following this link http://openmrs.org/download/ under OpenMRS 2.3. If you install those modules you should be able to see the OpenMRS 2.3 (OpenMRS Demo UI) in your installation.

–Regards, Maurya

Hi @maurya

Thank You for help. You said i need to download “OpenMRS 2.3 Modules & data”. But when i click on that button (which is in image) sourceforge is showing that result Please guide me how can i get these files, and please guide me where to unzip these files in openmrs project.

Thank You

Regards Ahmed Mahmood

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