Why does changing theme on one instance also change another?

I have two instances of openmrs that i would like to differentiate. When i change the default color in one instance judy1, it automatically changes color in instance judy2

I am doing this from the settings>Manage locales and themes

Any suggestions on how to keep these two separate?

Thank you

Do your instances share the same database? The color theme is saved in the default_theme global property. You need to point your instances to two different databases.

2 different databases

That is very strange … it should not be picking up the settings between one app and the other …

  1. Are both instances on the same physical server?
  2. Do they use different application context names, e.g. /openmrs vs. /openmrs1? Or for any other reason would they be sharing the same data directory on the server’s file system?
  1. Yes on the same physical server and different context names and module directory