Why does an HTML form look different in the patient dashboard?

Platform Version: Version 1.11.4



I am new to OpenMRS and would like to know how to correctly use the HTML form entry module. I created the form per the many available documents and got the desired preview in the edit HTML form. I then proceeded to the Configure Metadata / Manage Forms and added the form to the Patient Dashboard - Current Visit Actions which makes it available when viewing the patient.

The problem I am having is when I select the form in the Patient Dashboard, it looks quite different then previously viewed in the HTML form entry module.

Am I missing something ??? Are there good examples for me to follow ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the “before” and “after” views of the form?

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Thanks. I currently do not have access to my server but will provide a before and after screenshot later.

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Great. Hopefully I will be able to spot something amiss with it… :slight_smile:

A few things:

  1. the preview in the Edit HTML Form page is done in the CSS of the OpenMRS 1.x UI, and you’re viewing the form in the 2.x UI, which has different CSS styling. Generally speaking the answer is to ignore the preview on the edit page, and refresh the “filling out form from dashboard” to see what the form will look like.

  2. There are two different styles for HTML Forms in the 2.x UI, a “simple” mode and a “standard” mode (and you choose this on the Manage Forms page). You can learn about the “simple” mode here and specifically here.

  3. The reference application has examples of simple forms (e.g. vitals) and of standard forms (e.g. visit note). Generally, you need to follow this structure to make the CSS work (and I think this is documented on the link about Simple Form UI):



Thank you for your reply. My problem deal with the display of a checkbox which showed the box and then the label uneven. Almost looks like a different row.

This was the code:


Is this incorrect ??? Any help would be appeciated. Thanks

Sorry…Here’s the code:

May have answered my own question. It could be the css class baseline-aligned may be throwing it off. Not sure until I get to my server. Thanks

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Still having issues. Here is screenshot of the form with the checkbox and label not aligning correctly:

This is how it looks in the Edit HTML form module. This is what I was expecting when I run the form:

Also when I complete the form in the active visit module and then view it on the visit, I see the following. Is there any way to group them under one item, i.e. Family Medical History and then list the 3 items were selected?

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@rslattery did you manage to group the forms under one item?? if not @darius, @mogoodrich is there a way to group entry forms under the patient dashboard?? E.g Have all the HIV related forms grouped together.