Why do we have 2 'Register a Patient' tabs on the OpenMRS Demo Server?

This was brought up by a GCI student @mukerrem. We have 2 ‘Register a Patient’ buttons on demo.openmrs.org and I believe this should NOT be the case.

According to his analysis mentioned here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TFzQxLcVb7ZguCAuyXCr7OZFLrc1ShQL37TSvHEjrSg/edit?usp=sharing, one of them has a Contact Info section, and the other does not. Why this distinction?

Maybe we’ve added a duplicate module? Here is the screenshot:

Usually what’s supposed to happen is that (1) there’s a “basic registration” app that’s part of the registrationapp module (which should be disabled) (2) there’s a registration app that’s part of the referenceapplication module (which should be enabled)

For some reason both of them were enabled, so I just went into the admin screens and disabled the first one.

It’s possible that someone just manually started this while poking around the UI.

Normally this line of code should be disabling (1) each time the server is restarted:

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The demo server is not being restarted ( Dockerised demo refapp, and other questions about demo data) unless someone else did something to fix the data.

@darius It works now and the there’s only 1 patient tab. Issue resolved!

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