Why can't I print Jasper Reports?


I have a small problem, I can’t generate jasper reports when I click the generate link in the edit report of the module, I know that the problem is because I have not set the permissions of the folder where in the jasper reports will be made, my problem is I don’t remember the directory to change the permission…

Hi @rnufable, were you able to resolve this? The reports are in the OpenMRS folder where the openmrs-runtime-properties file is. In my case this is in /usr/share/tomcat7/.OpenMRS/jasperReports/ ; On Windows it could be on C:\Application Data\OpenMRS\jasperReports If your OpenMRS install is running on linux, it would be a good idea to change the owner of this directory to Tomcat.

@whiscard I am doing exactly the same way as you describe in your comments on window,but while uploading it’s say unable to find the path.

I also created the global property it also does not solve my problem.

@naveed1228 thanks for your time on chat. The solution for you was to create the “jasperReports” folder in the location C:\Openmrs