Why are some messages missing in messages.properties file?

I downloaded the 1.11x code from github and was trying to understand the flow. I noticed here that some text messages which are there in UI is missing in message.properties file. Am I checking in the wrong place?

url : http://demo.openmrs.org/ sample messages: Find Patient Record

Process : I logged in with admin/Admin123 and click on Find Patient Record Option. There is a header Find Patient record which is nowhere in the workspace. Can someone help me?

What you see running on demo.openmrs.org is the latest release of OpenMRS (currently OpenMRS 2.2).

OpenMRS 2.x (also known as the OpenMRS Reference Application) is actually made up of multiple modules. For example https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps is probably where you’d find the “Find Patient Record” message.

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Thanks Darius. Let me download all the modules then. Currently I have only the following projects from openmrs-core.

  1. openmrs
  2. openmrs-api
  3. openmrs-release-test
  4. openmrs-test
  5. openmrs-tools
  6. openmrs-web
  7. openmrs-webapp