Why are concepts mixed up in Form Data Export's table?

Form Data Export Module: Latest version 1.0 Platform Version: 1.9.3

The export part works for most of our forms, but I noticed that the table I get shows the concepts in a wrong order that also alternates every time I export the file again. e.g., The concept for weight shows the entry for age etc.

Sometimes I also get concept names I did not create or which are not existent in the dictionary…maybe some concepts are mixed up?

Does anybody have the same problems or knows a way how to fix this? Thank you!

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Hi there,

so I noticed the same things but for me the values of the concepts are in the right order. It’s just the Concept-names that are mixed up. I tried to figure out if there’s some algorithm to that, but they are neither in alphabetically order nor after their conceptId.

What exactly do you mean with concepts you didn’t create? is this referring to the _DATE and _Parent cells after each concept? because my guess would be that the _DATE shows when the field was filled out. As for what the _PARENT cell means I don’t know.

the Module Page, that offers the download of this module, shows a new Date quite regularly, but the module itself doesn’t seem to do anything different, which makes me wonder what is getting updated…

Maybe someone else can clarify this for you and me

okay I think I figured it out I used an older version of the htmlformentry module and until version 2.5 it works fine with the form data export. :tada: