Who Should Represent OpenMRS at GSoC's 2023 Mentor Summit?

In October, Google will hold its first in-person Summer of Code Mentor Summit since 2019! TL; DR: Each GSoC org gets to send one person - and we can also get on the waiting list to send a second person.

Who can attend the GSoC Mentor Summit? One Mentor or Org Admin is invited from each GSoC 2023 organization. It is up to the Organization Administrators and your community to decide which person will be attending as their delegate (but they must be a 2023 Mentor with an assigned contributor project or a 2023 Organization Administrator - and they can not miss any evaluation deadlines). Orgs will determine their selected mentor delegate over the next month.If your org misses 1 evaluation your org will not be able to add anyone to the waitlist for the 2nd delegate spot. If your org misses 2 or more evaluations your org will not receive any travel stipend to attend the Mentor Summit. Evaluations are very important to the program.

In the past, we’ve usually sent one of our admins and a mentor. I’ve already received nominations for eight (8!!)of our admins & mentors:

@dkayiwa @dennis @hadijah315 @ibacher @jayasanka @jnsereko @kdaud @vasharma05

It’s time for our community to decide who gets to go - and who we put on the waitlist for that extra spot.

We’ve set up a ranked choice “ballot” where you can tell us who you think should go to the Mentor Summit, from your first to last choices. Please rank as many nominees as you would like by 6pm UTC on June 28.


Quick update: The results are in! Over 100 of you shared how you would rank the nominiees to attend GSOC’s Mentor Summit in October. 82% ranked Jayasanka as your first choice, followed by 23% ranking Daniel & Ian as your second choice.

:partying_face: Congrats @jayasanka! :partying_face:


Congratulations @jayasanka! You surely deserved to be ranked first. :hugs:

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Thanks, everyone! It is a great honour for me to represent OpenMRS at the GSoC mentor summit. :heart:


Congratulations Jayasanka!!:smiley::+1:

Congrats Jayasanka :partying_face:

congratulations @jayasanka