White Screen / OpenMRS keeps stopping

Hello. I have just installed Bahmni 0.80 on Centos 6.8 I successfully manage to start all the necessary services and all looks good. However when i try to run the Bahmni EMR UI I get a white screen, sometimes with a red error box stating “Unable to fetch locations. Please reload the page.”

  • Bahmni Lab (OpenELIS) i get the “System Error” page -OpenMRS gives a 503 Service Temporarily unavailable error -Bahmni ERP (OpenERP/Odoo) “Site can’t be reached”

When i look at the services again, i notice that openmrs has stopped (on its own) whilst all other services are running. Any clues on what is going on?

  1. Any specific reason why you are using 0.80v ? Recommended 0.82v

  2. Were you able to start openmrs manually ? sudo service openmrs start

Unfortunately 0.82 completely refused to install (as mentioned in my posts in Unable to install Bahmni ) and somehow the script method successfully worked for me.

I am able to start OpenMRS manually but it seems to stop itself after a while.

Script is the older one. I would suggest using 0.82v follow these steps (install v0.82)