Which versions of JDK, Tomcat, and MySQL are needed on Windows?


  1. I’m using windows 10 and want to start implementing OpenMRS enterprise. which version of JDK, Apache Tomcat and MySQL should I install?

  2. To use OpenMRS enterprise, Should I install OpenMRS 2.2 Standalone Edition then download the Platform 1.11.4 WAR (for Enterprise)?

many thanks.

Hi @hossam,

For the standalone version, you dont have to bother about which tomcat or mysql server versions to use, the zip you downloaded has all that you need and the java version 6 or 7 will be ok

But as for the platform versions, I have deployed version 1.11.4 using Tomcat 8 , Java 8 and Mysql 5.6


The Standalone edition is intended for trial of OpenMRS and testing purposes. We do not recommend it for long-term use. It includes a self-contained file with an application server and database. You don’t need to install anything else to use the Standalone edition. (Other than Java.)

The alternative to Standalone is “Enterprise” which requires you to pre-install Java, Tomcat, and MySQL. I will leave it to others to recommend versions for Windows 10. :smile:

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