Which of these features would you like to see in AddOns first?

Hi all,

So during this GSoC period, we plan on implementing a couple of important features. Given the duration of the coding period, we would like to prioritize our time to implement those features that are most relevant to you, the end user.

To come up with a list of features, we need your help in prioritizing among these two features:

a) Adding the ability to release module using Github Releases

b) Displaying comments/ratings etc for a module from Bintray in AddOns

Which of these features would you like to see first in AddOns? Let us know your thoughts by responding to this thread. If you care for neither of these, you may let us know that as well and also suggest something else that you feel would be much more relevant to you :smile: .

cc : @darius @ruhanga @dkayiwa @burke @mseaton @suthagar23

Adding the ability to release module using Github Releases

It would be an awesome feature :blush:

Further, Few ideas

  1. adding release-notes to the AddOns version release which need to be fetched from GitHub or whatever the platform.
  2. Subscribing to a module (by OpenMRS ID, email, etc) to get email/notification about a particular module release in the AddOns. So they can get notified immediately about the releases rather than using check for updates :slight_smile:
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Hi @reubenv thanks for progressing work on the Add On project enhancements already. So adding support for github releases is a great to have and this coupled with a mechanism to include the release notes will be a great enhancement.

@suthagar23, @ruhanga, you both voted for supporting GitHub releases. Is this because you would actually prefer to release modules/OWAs this way, rather than using bintray? (Although I had originally proposed doing this, I’m not convinced it’s worth the effort without some indication that people would actually prefer to host OpenMRS addons there instead of bintray.)

Stepping back, I think the biggest piece of feedback we’ve gotten is that publishing add-ons is hard for people. Is there anything we can do to ease this burden? Perhaps a simplistic form that will auto-generate the JSON people need to put in a PR? Or even let people submit directly in our web application, automating the PR step?

A random small feature would be to have a list of Recently Released addons (similar to the Top Downloads). We might even consider making this the home screen, instead of Highlighted.

I would vote for giving some sorts of automatic labels/badges to addons based on various quality characteristics, e.g. if they have recent releases, documentation links, how much activity is happening in the source repo, what license, etc.

(Basically, anything we do should serve the purpose of either making it easier for consumers to find the module’s they’re looking for, and determine their quality, or else making it easier for producers to publish their addons.)

We already support adding links to any document(including release notes) if I am not wrong?

This an interesting yet complicated feature that is part of the roadmap.

Any thoughts @suthagar23 @ruhanga?

This is something that I have been thinking of for a while. A form is surely doable but it still means the user will have to submit a pr and add the contents themselves. The automated PR is surely a better approach but I do not know if Github’s api support it though. I can start by trying to implement the API approach but should it not be possible, I will move back to the form approach. Is this form going to be another webpage within AddOns or will it be a separate website in itself?(I do not see any reason for it to be separate but nonetheless I am just confirming anyway )

This is part of phase three in the roadmap :slight_smile:

This is something new and that we should surely discuss in the future once we complete the tasks at hand!

Since we have many features to implement, we will have to sort them in order of their utility to the end user. Overall , thanks for your inputs @darius @ruhanga @suthagar23 , we will continue discussions on these features as soon as we complete the existing ones(hopefully, should be completed by this weekend)

Okay, this makes sense to me to avoid duplication of effort and utilize what’s existing already and is being actively maintained.

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