Which is the best OS to install Bahmni on?

Dear All, I recently installed CentOS 7.4 and configured Bahmni software successfully on it, all of sudden my CentOS machine crashed and now it goes in loop where it tries to restart all the system services, etc. and fails in it. Now, I am wondering due to message below if its safe to install Bahmni on CentOS or Should I be choosing something else. " On December 31, 2021 , Red Hat’s CentOS Linux 8 will reach End Of Life (EOL)"

Kindly guide me, appreciate your time in reading this.

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@supriyat - Where did u see this message?

Centos v7 has a longer EOL (than v8). Please see this: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle - Red Hat Customer Portal

It is till: 30-June-2024.

Centos is currently a good choice to install BahmniOS. Some implementation partners have also created their own deployments of Bahmni that are on Ubuntu, Alpine-Linux (Docker) etc – but in that case their installation scripts place Bahmni inside right locations in the OS. They don’t use bahmni-installer. See this:

  1. Mekom docker compose: GitHub - mekomsolutions/bahmni-docker-compose: Docker Compose project to run Bahmni
  2. Mekom docker alpine linux based bahmni image: GitHub - mekomsolutions/bahmni-docker-compose: Docker Compose project to run Bahmni
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Your issue might be due to a HDD failure (in some sector) or maybe its running out of RAM. Maybe boot in safe mode and debug (by switching off auto-start of services).

Hi @gsluthra Sorry, I saw CentOS 8 EOL on Dec 2021. As you said CentOS 7 has longer EOL than 8. However, Red Hat have canceled all CentOS future releases and moved all focus to Streaming editions. As per their website CentOS stream is the upstream of public development branch of RHEL. So I was not sure about stability of Stream editions. Instead if we can deploy on Ubuntu LTS or Debian based Linux then it can be more stable option.

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Yes, tried booting in safe mode and after debugging found that permissions to all services were denied and I am not sure why, I had executed chmod command a week back while some trial and errors… after that used my machine for a week without any issues… anyways, now I am reinstalling CentOS 7…

Thank you for your help and time. Best Regards.

Bahmni team does WANT to move AWAY from only CENTOS, but it won’t happen instantly. And Centos V7 has maintenance support till 2024, so we have some time.

Hope is to:

  1. Dockerize (that makes it easy to run Bahmni on all OS that support docker). IN-PROGRESS.
  2. Support Centos until 2024 (since there are already many deployments of Bahmni that use CentOS).
  3. Depending on which is the most stable & secure FOSS / free option of Linux – use that one for Bahmni. Right now OpenMRS community has preference for Ubuntu, so that is the most likely candidate.

Short Answer: For now use Centos v7 in production. And also watch out for Docker.

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Yes agree! Dockers sounds good, will try it out. Thanks again!