Where is everybody staying for OMRS15

I kind of don’t feel like being alone in strange country so don’t wanna stay where others won’t be. Where is everybody staying for OMRS15? Just want to get an idea so that I can book :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’m staying at the 5Footway Inn Boat Quay. I heard some others will be at Hotel Grand Pacific (not totally sure).

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FYI, Hotel Grand Pacific is next door to the SMU Administration building, so it is super close. Boat Quay is a bit further, but still reasonably close for walking!

Howdy y’all! I’m looking for a roommate for someplace close and inexpensive. I’ve had some good roommates in the past; @k_joseph, @dkayiwa, @pascal, @wyclif and others.


I’m staying at the Grand Pacific…

Am staying at teh Big Hotel.

Can you share the Grand Pacific web page? would want to explore

i will never forget the wonderful roommate that you were @arbaughj in Maputo, i will get in touch soon so we can discuss if we can lodge together this time round :smile:


It is a bit pricey.

Has anyone responded?


@k_joseph and I are staying at Hotel Bencoolen. Agoda has sold out of double rooms. Expedia.com and Hotels.com still have double rooms left.


Okay, I’m there too :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a place to stay as well. If anyone’s looking for a roommate, let me know :smiley:

I think I actually have room – I’m not sure but I think I have 2 twin beds…

Cool! :slight_smile: could you confirm this @r0bby


I have almost booked a twin bed room at Hotel Bencoolen which is at a walking distance from SMU. I am looking for a roommate, the cost after sharing would be $46-48 per person per day approximately. Please get in touch with me ASAP as the rooms are getting filled up fast here.

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@dkayiwa @wyclif , have you guys found rooms yet? if not, then please see directly above? :smile:

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I believe my room has 2 twin beds. I am arriving on Dec 6, and if somebody wants to sleep on the floor, they are welcome to it (if they don’t mind it) @maany has claimed one bed…I have claim to the other… it’s a twin bed so uh…it’d be a bit…close for two people.

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I already got a room

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