Where does concept validation occur ? In the schema or the API level

In trying to manage coded concepts that are questions that can be used across multiple implementations , there are some questions with a list of coded answers and others that have no answers . Given different program requirements in terms of possible answers , we need to determine the level of concept validation(is this at the API or at the schema level). Specifically if an implementation is using concept 123 and they need more answers, can they add this to the schema with no errors if they are not mapped to the concept dictionary

Eg of coded concept

If validation is at the API level - then we would need to add the answers at this level

If answers are at the schema level - we would delete the lists of answers and implementations can have flexibility with the answers they can add at the schema level

The API does not validate that obs.valueCoded is in the obs.concept.answers set.

It is left up to the schema or other form entry technology to validate this as they desire.

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So only infopath and the xforms API does this validation, but html forms does not? So if a concept has a list of answers this can be used to provide a lookup for the UI, but that can be completely overwritten and a non-listed answer stored in the OBS table…?