Where does Atlas store its OpenMRS Versions?

Where does Atlas store the OpenMRS versions? I am REALLY hoping Atlas 3.0 makes things clearer. As an FYI – the way you have things set up – if things need to change, email @burke or @alexis.duque and not help desk. There is nothing we can do and I’m tired of trying to trace the code which has NO consistency and zero comments.

In the openmrs_version attribute of atlas table.

And where does it populate the OpenMRS drop-down from when creating/editing markers?

In case it’s not clear, that code is just not straight-forward AT ALL and I don’t wanna deal with it. If people want support with it – contact @burke or @alexis.duque – I simply don’t care. I shouldn’t have to ask this…I couldn’t even grep for it the info.

Apologies for being cranky but it’s frustrating that we’re expected to help YET we don’t have a clue how to do anything because there’s no documentation – at least that I can see.

To rephrase the question…

@ball reported the bug that on atlas.openmrs.org, the versions dropdown is missing OpenMRS 1.12.

How would we add this version number, in prod?

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