where do we find source code that is used to build the modified OpenMRS application with more modules

HI Daniel Kayiwa,

I am vineeth kumar , i have gone through the Modules open MRS from that i have downloaded the source code and tried to setup the application and the application setup completed successfully (our developers said that this code cannot be modified)

now I want to build a same application with more number of modules and i would like to share the application to different clients.

now help me how to modify the source code and how to build the modules and where do we get this source code that which is able to modify.

thanks regards,

Oh sorry! am not certain the module you desire to contribute to but this is the openmrs github link with all the projects. Kindly follow this link on how to get the code in your IDE and begin modifying it.

And Incase of any thing unclear questions are welcome here

Hi @vineeth68 did you manage to get what you wanted ?

Modules provide a simpler way for anyone to extend the power of OpenMRS. Literally, any module/code once cloned in your development environment can be modified, build and uploaded on your server to feel the changes made, however, it is recommended NOT to modify any of the core modules unless you are contributing back to the community via pull request following a ticket created. Please consider providing your changes in a custom module that will be added on top of what is available, that way you will have control of what you want, be at par with any changes from the core modules and control your distribution without interference.

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