where do I find the class for list of reactions within openmrs?

I need to know the ID’s of the different checkboxes and radio buttons used in the entering information related to allergies but can’t locate the file containing this source code. can someone provide the repository for this please?

Which checkboxes exactly ,Can you try to add a screen shot of what you are looking for.

The source code for the list of these checkboxes. how are the names of their ids created? i need to know the meaning of this reaction-${reaction.id} for example

You need to debug that piece of code and follow how each line gets executed, i cant give an example, Presumably you can make a commit on github, there will give you clues of what you are trying to achieve.

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So, the assumption in 2.x is that your system has a setting (global property) called allergy.concept.reactions which stores the UUID of a concept set that contains all of the allergy reactions for the system. For the demo version of the reference application, this set is defined here. reactionConcepts in your screenshot above is a list of all the concepts in that concept set and the id property is their database ID. For example, for the Reference Application demo, the ID of Rash is 512, so the id of the checkbox corresponding to that would be reaction-512.

There is no general universal list of these IDs and the values are likely to change depending on how your OpenMRS instance is configured.


Thank you for this clarification. Is there a way I can select a specific checkbox when the ID’s are in this format so that when it is checked, a certain event occurs? If so ,kindly guide me on how i can do that.

Thank you. we could schedule a call when you are not so busy and you could demonstrate this. is it okay?