Where can we learn about the database schema?

As part of a ‘software engineering’ class project, three other friends and I (as a group), are required to develop a new feature/module for either openEMR or openMRS and we have chosen openMRS. However we had difficulty deciding/finding the feature/module that we will be developing, since neither of us was familiar with the system of medical records management, therefore we couldn’t think of a feature that WILL BE NECESSARY and USEFUL.

However, we recently got a suggestion to add a feature to create a form with the “Auto-filling” feature. In essence, every time a patient visits a hospital for treatment of an illness and he will be required to fill up a form that describe his physical condition, this new feature will look into this patient’s records to auto-fill as much information in the form as possible, based on the information on file of this patient. This way whenever a patient goes into a hospital he does not have to answer the same questions over and over, but will only answer those questions whose answer cannot be obtained by retrieving values from his records.

More than anything else, at this point our group needs to learn as much as possible about the DatabaseSchemma of openMRS to figure out our approach and start with the development of this feature. We are completely new to the openMRS community, and would like to get some guidance on where exactly we could learn about the DB schema. (if you could provide us with links and other material that would be awesome).

Thanks in advance for your assistance and time.

Please refer link: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Data+Model

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Convenient short links:

om.rs/datamodel – Data Model wiki page (overview, learn) om.rs/dm – Data model browser (reference, search)