Where can I find these <openmrs:portlet>

Hi, all! Recently, I and my team members are analysing and learning the code of openmrs-core and its UI framework. But we can not find out the corresponding class from provided code in openmrs, shown in the following figure.

Can anyone tell me where can I find it? Thanks

By the way, can anyone tell us how to jump from the “login” page to the “index” page?

What are you specifically trying to achieve, can you share a clear screen shot, that seem to be jsp page probably on legacy ui

Actually, we want to replace the original web page with our own page, but we found out it can not jump to the next page(I think it is the index page).

And the following page is what we are working with.

You mean you want to override loginPage with in referenceapplication, if thats the reall case , you will fix that from with in referenceapplication module which overrides the login within legacyui probably with in here openmrs-module-referenceapplication/login.gsp at master · openmrs/openmrs-module-referenceapplication · GitHub

But we are using the legacyui model from the “OpenMRS Add One”.

Could you share the error logs that you are encounting , this is little tricky since you are changing the whole stuff, Let me hope you are also changing your controller class feel free to share it too , However it would be more appropriate if you can do your customization using referenceapplication module not legacyui perhaps openmrs is shifting from legacy ui use functionalities to groovy pages

We wrote a new Controller(created in “org.openmrs.web.controller”) and set the environment in “openmrs-servlet.xml”(<context:component-scan base-package=“org.openmrs.web.controller” />) but it can not be found by OpenMRS’s DispatcherServlet.

And we will try the legacyui you said.

Do you mean it is easy to redesign the UI and the functions by using this legacyui?

its morethan easy than re inventing the whole wheel

Yes, I agree with you, but we want to use Vue.js to create a new front-end and connect to openmrs-core. But, once we have replaced the login page we can no longer jump to the main openmrs page

You might want to look into the work of the micro frontend squad, where several organizations are building a new frontend framework for OpenMRS using micro frontends that, while focusing on React, uses single spa to allow components to be written in other frontend frameworks (e.g., Vuejs).

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@d404d you can try visiting OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework that enables collaboration and better User Experience - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

Does the openmrs3.0 has been uploaded on github? Thank you