where can I find core v2.4.0 compatible Radiology module?

Hello, I have downloaded and installed OpenMRS core version 2.4.0. Now, I would like to add the Radiology module and I found it at this github place (GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-radiology: OpenMRS Radiology Module). I downloaded and install it but showing errors. Can someone help me where I can find OpenMRS compatible modules for Radiology, Pharmacy, etc.? I don’t mind whatever core version I have to use, but I need Radiology and Pharmacy modules to use in my installation. Is there any organization or team which is already using OpenMRS with some basic modules to use for public? We are planning to use for Myanmar nonprofit organization, and we need any OpenMRS version which we can add basic modules. We are having the Covid crisis and political turmoil in Myanmar, and we need to use any on the shelf EMR software. Current OpenMRS web site (https://addons.openmrs.org/) show only very little addons but, we need more modules such as Pharmacy, Radiology, etc. in order to run in real life usage. Can someone please help us? Thank you. Zaw.

Oh sorry for this!

I believe you are getting an error because you needed to install two other modules mohtracportal and mohappointment. and I believe @jberchmas can be of help since threy are running openmrs module in Rwanda which is doing pharmacy management.

@mumzm concerning the Radiology module the easiest is to use docker basing on this link openmrs-module-radiology/README.md at master · openmrs/openmrs-module-radiology · GitHub.

Which requires you to install OpenMRS 2.0 that requires the following modules

@mogoodrich and @teleivo does it mean this module cannot run on the Reference Application instance and openmrs platform higher than version 2.0? (Kindly forgive my ignorance) because @mumzm is running platform 2.4.0. and the document cites platform 2.0.

No one has ever updated that module to support platform 2.4

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Hi Juliet, Thank you so much for your reply. I will try to reach @jberchmas and ask some directions on how I can add-on Pharmacy module. I will also try to install 2 modules as you suggested. Thanks again. Zaw.

Hi Juliet, I will need the OpenMRS with UI, scheduling, Radiology, Pharmacy, etc. In this case, should I be using OpenMRS core version 2.0? Can you please kindly suggest me which core version I should be installing to my environment, so I can add-on those above modules? thanks, Zaw.

Am so sorry I have been offline.

The answer is yes you are to install OpenMRS Version 2.0.0

The radiology module is also not maintained. It has not been used in production as far as I know, because it lacks important features such as order scheduling. I would suggest archiving it. This would make it clear to anyone. It can be unarchived anytime by someone willing to work on it.

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