Where are the labels for the patient header?

Need help locating the new patient header labels

I was previously able to change these settings but now they dont work

coreapps.patientHeader.name = name
257	coreapps.patientHeader.givenname=name
258	coreapps.patientHeader.familyname=surname
259	coreapps.patientHeader.patientId = Patient ID

cc @mseaton @darius @raff

From peeking at this code, it looks like this now depends on the configured name layout. (JIRA isn’t loading for me, so I can’t find the ticket for this.)

The key you would need to translate is what’s in “nameMappings” for the name layout you have enabled.

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Where can i get the ‘nameMappings’?

See here:

@darius i changed the name mappings but i cant find the labels for Given and Family Name that are showing on the Reference Application

Do you know at what point i change those?

They should be in a properties file. Not sure if they can be overriden by modules though.

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As @lluismf said, the labels come from the message.properties file, if a name layout is in use, you might want to look at the layout in use to know the actual code that you will need to translate in the message.properties file

I peeked at the code a bit, but don’t have time to follow it all the way through. As version 1.5 of the coreapps module (from this commit https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps/commit/fe8c7246a07e54179ea8a79c9c6a2c328f9951ee) I think the “codeName” in your name layout indicates which message code to look up the translation for.

A relevant line of code is: