What's the purpose of multiple locations in OpenMRS 2?

What is the rationale of having more than one location in the ref app

I see a role for classifying inpatient and outpatient

There is no location based restriction eg someone who is logged in within pharmacy can only see patients with pending scripts / or patients who have a visit note

Registration can occur anywhere including wards (while in real life should occur at the registration desk)

Has anyone tried to do location based restriction ? for example if you login at registration desk only see specific tabs versus the usual user restriction in place


In the PIH implementation, we’ve started customizing which apps and/or extensions appear based on location tags associated with the current session. I’d have to look it up to remember exactly how we do it, but I believe it is via the “require” component of apps and extensions.

The purpose of having location-based login is to support point-of-care workflows. (E.g. when you’re in a particular context you should only be able to perform certain activities, and usually the location recorded in encounters should default to the location you’re logged in at.)

We haven’t yet had time to restrict apps by location in the reference application, but as Mark says, PIH has just started doing it, so it should be straightforward to copy that over.

(There has been discussion of changing this around fundamentally, e.g. not requiring a location, but there isn’t really any movement on that.)

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