What's the HL7 code for MVP CIEL dictionary?

Does anyone know what is the HL7 code for the MVP CIEL coding system? For the default dictionary provided with openmrs, I used to use 99DCT and I know SNOMED CT code is SCT.

On demo (admin/Admin123), there is a concept source CIEL defined as “Columbia International eHealth Laboratory concept ID,” but it doesn’t have an HL7 code assigned to it. I checked AMPATH, and they currently have MCL/CIEL described as “http://www.maternalconceptlab.com/wiki/Main_Page” with HL7 code “7777” (which is not a valid code per HL7).

Per HL7* any custom/local codes should be “99” followed by three alphanumeric codes (e.g., the “99DCT” used for local dictionary terms). In lieu of an official HL7 code for CIEL, we should probably using something like “99OCL” (referring to the open concept lab) or “99CEL” (referring to Columbia International eHealth Dictionary).

@akanter is the person who could best answer your question.



* HL7v2.6 section 2.16.4 Coding system table (0396) specifies “99zzz or L” as “locally defined codes for purpose of sender or receiver. Local codes can be identified by L (for backward compatibility) or 99zzz (where z is an alphanumeric).” I don’t believe there is an official HL7 code for MVP/CIEL.

Before installing the MVP CIEL dictionary, I used to send ORU messages to OpenMRS with coding system code “99DCT” but now the same message won’t even show up in the queue. I also tried using “L” but it also didn’t work.