what's the difference between Bahmni and openMRS

Hi All,

Please what’s the difference between bahmni and openMRS, why they are something supporting by bahmni and not by openMRS? when can i download bahmni?

Best, Roukia

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  2. http://www.bahmni.org is where you can download it and learn more about it.

Edit: @roukia, I gave the wrong URL

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Bahmni is an EMR + Hospital Information System, built as a distribution of OpenMRS.

The EMR web application for Bahmni is different from the OpenMRS Reference Application. The differences cannot be described succinctly (as @r0bby says, look at the Bahmni website at http://www.bahmni.org/ ).

Generally speaking, Bahmni has a more complete feature set for the “typical health facility” use case, e.g. I believe it has a mechanism to record med dispensing, like you asked about on another thread.