What's next after installing Reference Application module from SDK?

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As of this Post link I have installed Reference Application module from SDK follwing all the steps in this documentation. A folder name basicexample is been created. My main concern is how should I used the basicexample folder for development purpose. Plus there is an error in home page

@sachinmukherjee , you would want to look at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer.

Can you first restart all modules i see some modules need to be started, go to Manage module then restartAll. this will trigger all modules to function well behind the scenes. if otherwise, you can restart the whole instance. Reference application is the mother and father of openmrs as whole, its where all our ,you inclusive all efforts should reside, so it have very many things to do with it. What was your intension of installating RA in the first case? You can walk around through different modules and get familiar with their functionalities, you can as well create your own module that works as an extension of the reference application and upload it in RA, so feel free to explore more ++ thanks, we would like to here from you

upto point 6 i.e Download and Install OpenMRS SDK i have completed. Please dont mind with my silly questions I’m new to this community and a bit of confused. Before OpenMRS whatever open source project I used to contribute I just cloned the repo locally setup the development environment and start solving issue.But In case of OpenMRS I’m finding pretty difficult.

ok @sachinmukherjee lets go step by step now … :innocent:

You want to start working on solving issues (bugs/new features) ??

We have a lot of tickets/issues to work on . . Have a look at the intro issues.

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Till now I have done these points

  • Installed Reference Application Module

  • Knowing different functionality installed Reference Module eg registering patient, adding visits etc

I have some basic queries as follows

  1. For solving bugs which repository I should clone from Github.

  2. As most of the people says to get used to with the source code, play with the source code. I don’t find any source code. When I have installed OpenMRS SDK only one folder was created.

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can you loook at the techical overview also ?

OpenMRS is made up of the Core(Platform) ,and many other modules to make a working System see git repo

The SDK is simply a tool to setup and buid openmrs servers Up and running ,However there are several other ways of running OpenMRS as you see here ,
The SDK helps does funtionalities like :

  • Build module projects
  • Build docker Images
  • Build distributions etc
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Watch this video for better insight https://youtu.be/SbbDvMVgRWo

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@mozzy Sorry for the delayed response as alot of this happening around the world due to COVID19. I will watch the video and ask If I have any queries :slight_smile:

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@mozzy Is this video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQn8SVZKL4I] a good starting point for setting up development environment ?

i cant acess that link ??

@mozzy I have edited my previous comment. Please check that link.